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The following important rules apply for visiting our hut after the reopening:

  1. Basically “2G” documentation is required (proof of a Corona vaccination or recovery)
  2. Compulsory registration of stays of longer than 15 minutes
  3. FFP2-masks are required – except at your table
  4. Social distancing (1 metre between groups of persons)
  5. Overnight stays must be booked in advance. No overnight stays without prior booking.
  6. Curfew is at 10:00 p.m.


Stricter rules from 08.11.2021 for winter tourism

Due to the dynamic development of infections and the increase in intensive care bed occupancy, the federal government and the provinces have agreed to tighten the rules. Level 3 and 4 measures of the existing level plan will already apply throughout Austria as of November 8:

  • Wherever the 3-G rule applies, the 2-G rule (Vaccinated/Genese) will be introduced
  • Tests of any kind will then no longer be permitted as access authorization
  • A transition period of four weeks will apply to the 2-G proof. During this period, a vaccination with PCR test is already considered as proof - thus, full immunization is not required during the transition period.


Rules for Safe Winter Tourism

To make a safe and successful winter season possible, the Ministry for Tourism and Health has devised actual rules for the winter.

The existing 3-stage plan already provides in part the legal framework.

Phase 1: currently

Phase 2: 7 days after the capacity utilisation of intensive care beds exceeds 15% (300 beds)

Phase 3: 7 days after the capacity utilisation of intensive care beds exceeds 20% (400 beds)

NEW Phase 4: Occupancy of 25% or 500 beds (without 7-day follow-up). Wherever the 3G or 2.5G rule applied, the 2G rule then applies (restaurants, leisure facilities, sports facilities, culture, body-related service providers, etc.). Exception: 2.5G rule applies at the workplace. This means that there are still no restrictions for vaccinated or recovered persons

NEW Phase 5: Occupancy of 30% or 600 intensive care beds (excluding 7-day follow-up). From this point on, exit restrictions will apply to unvaccinated individuals, i.e., leaving one's own private living area will only be allowed due to a few exceptional reasons such as work, daily needs, close caregiver, etc. Vaccinated and recovered persons will also remain unaffected by this stage.


Après-ski and night gastronomy

  • In general, the same rules apply to après ski as for night gastronomy. In phase 1 guests must provide a negative PCR-test, a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate. Antibody proof or an antigen test is not sufficient.
  • 2G documentation (vaccination or recovery certificate) applies to businesses operating in night gastronomy as well as après ski bars from phase 2 onwards.
  • Regulations for unvaccinated employees: Compulsory wearing of a FFP2-mask as well as regular PCR tests – at least 3 times a week - are required.
  • In the future, reduced curfew and break curfew will be made possible for après ski. In additional, not only the provinces and district authorities, but also the municipalities should be able to introduce stricter measures via the Covid-19 Measures Act or the Epidemic Act. Details are being checked.



  • 85 percent of the cable cars are open vehicles with a lower risk of infection and a journey time of less than 15 minutes. To secure the winter season, the cable car companies are taking additional measures for safe winter holidays in Austria.
  • Phase 1 – 3: Since 15 September 2021, compulsory wearing of FFP2-masks has been in effect for visitors.

From the start of the season onwards (October), the 3G-rule will be in effect:

  • If proof for admission is introduced, it will have to be checked when the passes are sold.
  • Work is underway on a practicable implementation for operators and visitors (e.g. linking the online sale of passes for automated control).
  • Visitors have to carry valid 3G documentation any time and present it in case of controls.
  • The obligation to wear FFP2 masks remains.
  • If the epidemiological measures are not observed by visitors, the cable car companies should be released from their transport obligation.
  • Measures going beyond phase 3 – in particular restrictions for the unvaccinated – will be carried out in accordance with the general measures.


In case of questions or suggestions please contact:




Cancellation Conditions in Times of Corona

For the time being, we have adjusted the cancellation conditions to the current situation. Should the Covid-19 pandemic lead to local or personal travel restrictions (such as quarantine or entry bans into Austria), no cancellation fees will be charged.

Culinary Delights

We are very pleased that we can continue to offer you a buffet for half-board and breakfast in compliance with the official hygiene requirements. Upon registration you will get a fix table number so that we can counteract the occasional high frequency a the buffet. You can help yourself at the salad buffet once our staff gives you permission to do so. This is necessary to ensure a safe distance at the buffet.

Hygiene Measures

All door handles and handrails as well as light switches are also regularly disinfected.

  • Disinfection dispensers are distributed in sensible places throughout the house (restaurant, registration, in front of showers and toilets)
  • Cleaning frequency is increased..
  • All rooms are additionally aired and disinfected on a regular basis.
  • All door handles and handrails as well as light switches are also regularly disinfected.
  • All cleaning agents contain disinfectant agents.

Hygiene at your Room

Daily room cleaning is adapted to the new standards and worked out together with our hygiene partner. Our staff in the rooms work with cleaning agents that contain disinfectants. The bed linen in the shared rooms as well as the pillows and sheets in the mattress dormitories are freshly washed and made up every day.

What will be done in case of an infection?

If there is a suspected COVID-19 case at the Dresdner Hütte, we will proceed as follows: Please let us know if you feel unwell or ill. Our team or hosts will help you immediately.

  • The ill person and their family must stay in the room.
  • We will contact our GP immediately.
  • The GP will contact the health authorities if he thinks it might be COVID.
  • Expert disinfection of the room.