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The History of the Dresdner Hütte

April 1873 – foundation of the Dresden Section and first plans for building a refuge in the Tyrolean mountains 

August 1875 – inauguration of the hut as first refuge of the Stubai Valley and as 20th hut of the German and Austrian Alpine Club

September 1887 – inauguration of the new building of the hut at today's location as replacement for the old hut, which has become too small

1926/27 – extension of the guest parlours

1946 – The Dresden Alpine Club Sections are deleted from the Dresden club register.

1945-1956 – The hut is placed under trusteeship of Austrian authorities.

1956 – The hut is again administrated by the re-established Dresden Section (1953) with seat in the Wuppertal in accordance with the Austrian authorities.

1965 – renovation of the Dresdner Hütte, especially of the sanitary facilities

1967 – The Dresdner Hütte is bought back by the Austrian resp. the German Alpine Club

1968 – extension of the main building and the annex

1973 - The Dresdner Hütte gets neighbours – the Stubai Gletscherbahn lift starts operating.

1990 – extension of the guest parlours, the storage rooms and the kitchen

2002 – The large dormitory is rebuilt to a modern version and fire protection facilities are installed. The stairwell is made fireproof.

2006 – installation of a central storage heating system

2008 – renovation of the dormitory building, the apartment of the lease holders, the drying and ski storage room and extension of all fire protection facilities to fit the requirements of authorities.

2012 – renovation of the kitchen to fit authority requirements; lease and renovation of the Zollhütte

2013 – rebuilding of the Fernau-Stadl

2014 – rebuilding of the bar area (bricks) and building of a salad bar in the Tyrolean parlour

2015 – completion of the renovation of the bar area

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